Tourist Routes Exploring Ancient Hillforts

Route No. 621 Mista Pohorynnia (Towns and Cities of Pohorynnia) Varkovyts’ke horodyshche (“Varkovychi Hillfort”)

Route No. 621 "Towns and Cities of Pohorynnia. Varkovyts’ke horodyshche" ("Towns and Cities of Pohorynnia. Varkovychi Hillfort") is a radial route of moderate difficulty. Most of the route runs through a flat area with small ascents and descents.

Route No. 621 "Towns and Cities of Pohorynnia. Varkovychi Hillfort" unites five ancient hillforts, namely: Basiv Kut Hillfort, Hrushvytsia Hillfort, Zhorniv Hillfort, Varkovychi Hillfort, and Hlynsk Hillfort. During the trip, in addition to ancient settlements, you will see the remains of Czech architecture of the early 20th century: St. Wenceslaus Roman Catholic Church (Persha Hrushvytsia village), Czech fire station (Dibrivka village) and the remains of the Šmolik’s Czech brewery (Hlynsk village). While riding along this route we recommend to visit Hrushvytsia Entomological Reserve, Topir Mountain, and "Liakhivshchyna" Isolated Terrain. There are many reservoirs, rivers and springs on the way where travellers can collect water and swim. Road surface along the route is mostly earth paths and asphalt roads, however there are some sections with the pavement.

Route length:
80 km
Duration of trip (riding time):
6 hours
Total ascent:
380 m