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Hrushvyts’kyi zakaznyk (Hrushvytsia Reserve)

These are picturesque slopes of forest and chalk hills of Volhynia upland. The total area is 10 hectares.



Entomological reserve of local significance.


Rivne Oblast, Velyka Omeliana Territorial Community (Hromada), north-westwards of the Persha Hrushvytsia Village.


50.56403, 26.00869

Travel Distance to the City of Rivne by Road:

24,3 km


The reserve was created by the Decision of the Rivne Regional Executive Committee No.343 dated November 22, 1983. Rich phytodiversity grows on the slopes. There are such species as wood small-reed or bushgrass, medicago, carlina biebersteinii, hoary ragwort, chamaecytisus ruthenicus, agrimonia eupatoria, often referred to as common agrimony, pimpinella saxifraga, known as burnet-saxifrage, hypericum perforatum, known as perforate St John’s-wort, cypress spurge, broadleaf, hoary, and ribwort plantains, the spotted and greater knapweed, European goldenrod or woundwort, black mullein, oregano, viola mirabilis, and other plant species. There was afforestation in the shallow gullies that “cut” the slopes, mainly with the the northern red oak. In addition to the northern oak, other species of trees, particularly aspen, pine, linden, goat willow grow here.  Blackthorn or sloe, planted chaenomeles, which bear abundant fruit grow in the undergrowth. There is also an age-long tree – a horse chestnut.  It is a nesting place for many species of birds, including great spotted woodpecker, Eurasian blackcap, European robin, song thrush, common starling or European starling, and common chaffinch.  Mammals include the European hare, the European mole, and sometimes the roe deer, also known as the European roe.  Insects include the European field cricket, gray grasshopper, agrypnus murinus, speckled wood, and even papilio machaon, i.e. the Old World swallowtail (listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine, an official national red list of the threatened animals, plants and fungi that are protected by the law in Ukraine).

Source: Hryshchenko, Yu. M. (2008). Pryrodno-zapovidnyi fond Rivnenskoi oblasti [Nature Reserve Fund of Rivne Oblast] Volynski Oberehy, Rivne (in Ukrainian).

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