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Hlyns’ke horodyshche (Hlynsk Hillfort)

The Hlynsk Hillfort is located on the southern outskirts of the Hlynsk Village in the “Horodyshche” Isolated Terrain, on the right bank of the Ustia River.


Archaeological Monument of National Importance


Rivne Oblast, Zdolbuniv Territorial Community (Hromada), Hlynsk Village


50.50318, 26.14047

Travel Distance to the city centre of the city of Rivne:

21,4 km


According to the design the fortification on the top of the hill is oval, its sizes are 120 × 100 m (the total area is 0.7 ha). The hillfort has been significantly damaged by excavations, probably there was stone mining here. There is a rampart up to 3 m high on the northern and eastern sides along the edge of the site. The slopes of the hill are steep, probably it is an escarpment, from the south and west there is a terrace 5-6 m wide 7-8 m below the top of the site, while from the other sides at the same level there is an arched rampart about 200 m long, up to 4-5 m high, it protects the area, which sizes are about 110 × 50 m. The total area of the hillfort is about 1.5 hectares.

There is a settlement that belongs to the times of Kyivan Rus on the slope of the hill to the north and west of the hillfort. It was first surveyed in 1932. In 1999, V.  Tkach during the archaeological reconnaissance found the fragments of pottery of the 10th – early 11th centuries here. There were no more modern archaeological researches on the site.

Historic reference: B. Pryshchepa (2016). Pohorynski mista v Х-ХІІІ st. (The Cities of Pohorynnia in 10th-13th Centuries). Rivne: PP Diatlyk M., 297 pages; photograph and video: Yurii Oitsius.


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