Туристичні маршрути давніми городищами Рівненщини
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Hillforts are the remains of the fortified enclosures built of earth, timber or stone used as a fortified refuge or defended settlement from the times of Kyivan (Kievan) Rus, surrounded by ramparts and external ditches. Hillforts were predominantly built in hard-to-reach areas, hence they were located to exploit a rise in elevation for defensive advantage. They preserved to this day in the form of huge high hills of various sizes, which offer lovely scenic views. The vast majority of them have the status of archaeological monuments.

Pohorynnian Towns and Cities, or Towns and Cities of Pohorynnia represent the unifying name given to the hillforts (and respective settlements), which were located in the basin of the Horyn River and shaped the border between the inner Principality of Kiev (Kyiv) and the Principality of Volhynia in ancient times, in the chronicles. The well-known archaeologist Bohdan Pryshchepa described 99 hillforts on the territory of Rivne Oblast in his monograph “Pohorynski mista v Х-ХІІІ st.” (“The Cities of Pohorynnia in 10th – 13th Centuries”).

Whereas the “Mista Pohorynnia” (“Towns and Cities of Pohorynnia”) website will allow you to discover everything you need to know about 18 hillforts, namely: Basivkuts’ke horodyshche (Basiv Kut Hillfort), Bashynsʹke horodyshche (Bashyne Hillfort), Bilivsʹke horodyshche (Biliv Hillfort), Bilokrynyts’ke horodyshche (Bila Krynytsia Hillfort), Varkovyts’ke horodyshche (Varkovychi Hillfort), Hlyns’ke horodyshche (Hlynsk Hillfort), Hlynkivs’ke horodyshche (Hlynky Hillfort), Horbakivs’ke horodyshche (Horbakiv Hillfort), Hoshchans’ke horodyshche (Hoshcha Hillfort), Hrushvytsʹke horodyshche (Hrushvytsia Hillfort), Dorohobuzʹke horodyshche (Dorohobuzh Hillfort), Zhornivsʹke horodyshche (Zhorniv Hillfort), Kunynsʹke pershe horodyshche (First Kunyn Hillfort), Kunynsʹke druhe horodyshche (Second Kunyn Hillfort), Novomyl’s’ke horodyshche (Novomylsk Hillfort), Khotynsʹke horodyshche (Khotyn Hillfort), Shpanivs’ke horodyshche (Shpaniv Hillfort), and Yasynynyts’ke horodyshche (Yasynynychi Hillfort).

We have created 5 cycling and hiking tourist routes, on which ancient hillforts are the foremost locations.