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Kunynsʹke horodyshche pershe (First Kunyn Hillfort)

The First Kunyn Hillfort is located on the south-eastern outskirts of the Kunyn village in Zdovbytsia Territorial Community in the “Zamok” Isolated Terrain. It is on the eastern edge of the hill, which rises 55 m above the valley of the Ustia River.


Archaeological Monument of National Importance


Rivne Oblast, Zdovbytsia Territorial Community (Hromada), Kunyn Village.


50.43541, 26.18042

Travel Distance to the city centre of the city of Rivne:

27,9 km


The site of the hillfort is oval with the sizes of 90×80 m, the perimeter is protected by a rampart that at maximum points is 3.5 m high on the western field-facing side, on the other sides its height is 1.5–2.0 m. On the side of the field-facing rampart (the one facing the enemy), there is a moat in front of the rampart (nowadays it is not deep, as it has been destroyed during a long period of time by ploughing). The moat is up to 10 m wide and 1.0–1.5 m deep. On the other sides, the moat turns into a horizontal terrace.

The modern entrance to the hillfort is located near its south-western corner; however the old entrance was probably on the north side, where there is a gap in the rampart. The material collected on the site had fragments of pottery of the 10th – 11th and 17th – 18th centuries.

Bohdan Pryshchepa, Oleksii Voitiuk and Vasyl Chekurkov conducted the survey in 2010 during the joint archaeological reconnaissance. The next stage of the research was in 2019.

Historic reference: Oleksii Voitiuk, photograph and video: Yurii Oitsius


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