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Khotyns’ke dzherelo (Khotyn Spring)

Dzherelo u s. Khotyn village the Primary Source. According to the Book of Veles, the ancient chronicles, the Dulebes, one of the tribal unions of Early Slavs, regarded such springs with extraordinary reverence about 1,000 years ago. Later on people built Orthodox sanctuaries and temples near them.

The mentions of the Khotyn Spring and its role for the origins of Slavic world are described in the book by O. Andrieiev and V. Demianov “The Greatness of Dulibia. Ros. Surenzh (Secrets of the Volyn Land)”.


Hydrological natural monument.


Rivne Oblast, Shpaniv Territorial Community (Hromada), north-western outskirts of the Khotyn village.


50.70788, 26.23073

Travel Distance to the City of Rivne by Road:

11,8 km


Nowadays the Khotyn Spring is a cultivated and arranged natural monument. Here one can taste delicious spring water.

The area used to be littered with garbage, that’s why in 2014 the members of the Ukrainian Association for Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Rivne Oblast with the support of Shpaniv Village Council started the work on cleaning and restoring the Khotyn Spring. After three years of work, the territory was cleaned, landfills were liquidated, the riverbed was cleared, and later there were aesthetic improvement works on the territory. Hence, by 2017, the spring has qualitatively changed. Now it is a great tourist attraction.


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