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Bilokrynyts’ke horodyshche (Bila Krynytsia Hillfort)

The hillfort was built on the north-western edge of the cape-like brow of the plateau, on the right bank of the Kustynka River.


Archaeological monument of national importance.


The hillfort is located 2 km northward of the central part of the Bila Krynytsia village, in the “Zamok” Isolated Terrain.


50.61471, 26.3865

Travel Distance to the city centre of the city of Rivne:

11,6 km


The site with the sizes of 40×55 m has a noticeable decrease to the north, it rises as much as possible above the valley by 15 m, it is bounded on the west by a steep coastal slope, and on the north by a gully. There is a spring on the northern slope below the hillfort site. On the field-facing side (the one facing the enemy), there are axis from the south and east. In the south-western corner of the hillfort site a 1.5 m high mound-like embankment has been preserved. The thickness of the humus soil on the site is 0.3-0.4 m, it is visible on the finds, it contains single fragments of pottery. According to materials from the settlement, the hillfort and the corresponding settlement dates back to the 9th-10th centuries. B. Pryshchepa has surveyed the hillfort repeatedly.

Historic reference: Oleksii Voitiuk, photograph and video: Yurii Oitsius


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