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Zakaznyk “Kunyns’ka Dacha” (“Kunyn Dacha” Reserve)

The authorities created the “Kunyn Dacha” Botanical Reserve in order to preserve a part of the forest on the picturesque hills of the Rivne plateau, where rare plant species grow. The total area of the reserve is 200 hectares.


Botanical reserve of national importance.


Rivne Oblast, Zdovbytsia Territorial Community (Hromada), eastward of the Kunyn Village.


50.4329, 26.18858

Travel Distance to the City of Rivne by Road:

27,3 km


The status of botanical reserve was granted in accordance with the Decision of the Rivne Regional Executive Committee dated November 22, 1983 No. 343 (amended in line with the Decision of the Regional Executive Committee dated June 18, 1991 No. 98). The State Enterprise “Rivne Forestry” manages the object (Zdolbuniv Forestry, sq. 34-38).

It is a wavy and hilly rise, located eastward of the Kunyn village. Hornbeam, hornbeam-oak, oak-hornbeam forests with an admixture of sycamore, acer platanoides, commonly known as the Norway maple, cherry, birch, fraxinus excelsior, known as the ash or European ash, grow on the hills. There are some European beech or common beech trees on the high hills. Oak-hornbeam forests, ivy, hornbeam-oak forests (Carpineto-Querceta) with hairy sedges, hornbeam-oak and coniferous forests, listed in the Green Data Book of Ukraine (official list of the threatened plant communities that are protected by the law in Ukraine) occupy large areas. The rare and uncommon species include the neottia nidus-avis, the bird’s-nest orchid, galanthus nivalis, the snowdrop or common snowdrop (listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine, an official national red list of the threatened animals, plants and fungi that are protected by the law in Ukraine), sanicula europaea, the sanicle or wood sanicle, actaea spicata, the baneberry or herb Christopher, hedera helix, or European ivy, and daphne mezereum, commonly known as mezereum.

 Spring here pleases the eye with flowering of anemonoides nemorosa, i.e. the wood anemone, anemonoides ranunculoides i.e. the yellow anemone, pulmonaria obscura (common names unspotted lungwort or Suffolk lungwort), Gagea lutea, known as the yellow star-of-Bethlehem, corydalis, chrysosplenium alternifolium, and isopyrum thalictroides. However, the true gem of the “Kunyn Dacha” Reserve is the snowdrop or common snowdrop, which massively covers the slopes of gullies.

Source: Hryshchenko, Yu. M. (2008). Pryrodno-zapovidnyi fond Rivnenskoi oblasti [Nature Reserve Fund of Rivne Oblast] Volynski Oberehy, Rivne (in Ukrainian).

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