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Bashyns’ka krynychka (Bashyne Well)

Spring water fountain along the route.


Hydrological Natural Monument of Local Importance in Ukraine.


It is located on the territory of Hoshcha Raion (district), Rivne Oblast (region), near the western outskirts of the Bashyne Village.


50.53148, 26.56615

Travel Distance to the City of Rivne by Road:

34 km


The total area is 0.1 hectares. The local authorities granted the status in accordance with the Decision of the Rivne Regional Council dated April 22, 2011, No. 263. The Buhryn Village Council manages the object.

The authorities granted the status in order to preserve the water fountain with high-quality water. There is a rare plant species, Angelica palustris, commonly known as marsh angelica, near the water fountain.

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